Thursday, July 21, 2011

The start of something beautiful

I know its been forever since I have written but today felt like the perfect day to write:) the picture above was taken on the 4th of July. My boyfriend of 5 months Paul was sitting on my lap and his oldest son Xander (just turned 6 today!) sat on his lap so we grabbed the baby Zavier (1 year old) for this beautiful photo op :) I love them all so much and each day I am so grateful for the life I have. I read over a few of my old posts and most make me laugh just to see the things I was so focused on in those points of my life.
I have finally graduated hair school, got a job the day I finished my hours! Now working at a salon called Remedez in the Orem mall. I love doing hair but am still adjusting to the salon itself. I feel like I was spoiled with all the remodels and upgrades at my school.
I dont know if anyone even reads this blog anymore, but if so, I guess I should tell you the story of Paul and I :)
Back in January shortly after a pretty crappy break up, I was fed up with dating but at the same time, knew there was someone out there for me somewhere. I decided to try out a few dating websites, I had quiet the experince with that lol. had a lot of random conversations, and through it all kept seeing this guys profile, he only had one picture up and it was one that i couldnt really see his face. experience had taught me to not even go there since there was more likely than not... something they were hiding.
I finally decided to write him and our conversations carried on easily from there. In Feb we decided to meet. He came to my school one night to bring me a soda and from first sight I knew there was something in him. He was familiar to me, I just wanted to be close to him. We were both very nervous and he only stayed for a short while. As he left I walked him to the door and once he stepped outside, I waited before I headed back and something happened, he turned around and came back. I opened the door to see what he was doing and he asked if he could take me out sometime. Of course I said yes! :) A couple of the girls at school were cautious and wasnt sure if seeing him would be the best idea but I knew in my heart that he had something in him that was calling to me. Our first date was amazing, Feb 18th we went out for sushi and bowling, again we were both nervous but conversation was easy. While bowling I couldn't get enough of him. I barely paid attention to the game, I just wanted to talk to him or sit close to him. Oddly enough he thought he was "striking out" no pun intended ;) haha and I still to this day am not sure why he thought that, I kept leaning in closer to him while talking yet he kept sitting one chair away from me. When we walked back to his car to head to my house I wanted so badly to hold his hand but I was waiting for him to make the first move... he didnt. We ended up going to my house to watch a movie before the end of the night and by that point, it was needless to say we watched any part of the movie at all. Our first kiss was amazing and so was the one afer that and after that ;) in less than 2 weeks I knew I was in love. But wasnt sure how it was possible. We both have been married before and we both swore the next relationship we got into would be taken very slow. But almost exactly 2 weeks after our first date we told each other that we loved each other. It was only 2 months later when I had to move out of the place I was living due to contract issues. We decided then to move into a house together. We live a few blocks away from his family which I love. They have all been so great to me. There is so much more to this story but the main part is,
Its been so amazing having Paul and his boys in my life I love them so much and I am in such gratitude to stand where I do today and have the love and support of a family.
My life is changing all for the best and I couldnt be more happy! :D

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  1. I'm so happy for you! we need to get together and catch up. Love Ya